Do I have to pay for reservation?

No. Reservation service on Menute is free for users.

Do I need to contact the restaurant to confirm my reservation?

No. You do not need either calling or writing the restaurant. Menute will contact the restaurant and take care of the reservation request and confirmation.

What shall I do if I have not received the confirmation of my reservation?

First, check if the letter got to Spam, Unwanted Mail or Trash folder. To be sure that you will receive confirmation letters from Menute, add the email to your Contacts or White List of senders in your mailbox settings. In case that by two hours before the time of your reservation you still have not got a confirmation letter, contact us via

Can I change the reservation details?

No. However, you can cancel the reservation anytime and place a new reservation request with right details.

Will my choice of smoking or non-smoking area be satisfied?

Yes. If you choose strictly smoking or non-smoking area, your wish will surely be considered. If you choose preferably smoking or non-smoking area, Menute will inform the restaurant about your preferences, but it will not be guaranteed. If you choose “doesn’t matter” field, you will get a seat at any unreserved table of the restaurant.

Do I have to bring anything to the restaurant to confirm the reservation?

We recommend that you print out the reservation confirmation letter sent to your email. The letter contains the name the reservation is made to, as well as the name of the restaurant, date and time of the reservation, so you can just show the confirmation to the restaurant administrator. Besides, the confirmation has a photo of the restaurant’s facade, which can help you to find it faster and not to be late.

What shall I do if I am late for time reserved?

Every restaurant has its own policy regarding being late for the reserved time, so Menute cannot guarantee availability of tables in case you are late. Keep in mind that most restaurants cancel the reservation if a guest is being late for over 15 minutes.