What does Menute offer for guests?

Have you ever had difficulties when choosing a restaurant and booking a table? We all had such problems at least once, and that is why we decided to create Menute.

Only on Menute you can choose a restaurant for a dinner from hundreds of variants with help of convenient parameter search. For example, if you want to find a place where you can have a good time with your family — you will find it. Or if you possibly are in Prague for the first time and want to discover a restaurant with genuine traditional Czech cuisine and atmosphere — nothing is easier.

Only on Menute specially prepared photographs and restaurants descriptions written in several languages will help you to make a choice.

You do not need to call to a restaurant anymore! Now you can book a table in few clicks, after which you will receive a confirmation email. Just come to the restaurant at time you have chosen and enjoy a wonderful dinner.

Besides, for each reservation made by you or by your friends, you will be awarded bonuses which you can exchange for presents from Menute and the restaurants. Register now.

Have a problem while making a reservation, with the work of menute.com, have any ideas how we can improve the service? Tell us: info@menute.com.

What does Menute offer for restaurants?

It is time for a dinner, and you still have spare tables at your restaurant? We will find your guests! As we created Menute just for this purpose — it is the first social network for restaurants of Prague and their guests.

Menute offers to create and place your restaurant’s portfolio for free: text description in several languages and photographs of facade and interior.

Menute is a constant promotion and help for your restaurant to attract more visitors, both tourists and citizens.

Menute is a fast-growing service offering various features. For example, booking tables at your restaurant.

Found your restaurant? Want to learn more and get a free photoset of the restaurant’s interior? Contact us: info@menute.com.

Have not found your restaurant? Want to get a free text and photo-portfolio? Register and contact us: info@menute.com.